Wreck diving in april France Wrecks Cote Vermeille Catalane

20 - 26 April April 2020

Alice Robert | Saumur | LʼAstree | Saint Lucien | Jose Illueca


  • Port-Vendres, France
  • Closest Airport Barcelona (BCN), Girona (GRO)


  • During the program of any duration, youʼll be able to enjoy and explore legendary wrecks of the Second World War, at the Leo Bay of Port-Vendres, province Languedoc-Rosellón France. Here more than a dozen ships of Nazi Germany, sunk by Allied forces in the period from 1943-44 years of the last century
  • Permanent charters are being implemented on the following sites:
    SS Alice Robert Maximum depth 48 meters
    SS Saumur Maximum depth 46 meters
    LʼAstree Maximum depth 47 meters
    SS Saint Lucien Maximum depth 40 meters
    SS Jose Illueca Maximum depth 79 meters
  • Additional information about this wrecks is available at  http://wrecksite.eu
  • Youʼll be able to pass all necessary cave and technical courses
    Decompression Procedures
    Advance Nitrox

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Wreck and technical diving in France